Monday, June 10, 2013

How are you going to wear your hair at your wedding?

               Wearing your hair up or down on your wedding day can be a hard decision for many brides. Today, I am here to tell you the differences and positives of the two different styles. Also while making this important decision, don’t forget how it is going to look with your dress. Every dress is cut and styled differently, so what looks go on someone else during their wedding day, may look different on you!

Up-do: Wearing your hair up is known to be the more classic look for the bride. Having your hair up will help prevent it from moving or changing during your ceremony or while you are dancing the night away. Also, you will have nothing in your face, therefore your natural beauty will be able to be seen. If you are having a wedding in the summer, you might be in a hot church, or in the sun taking pictures. This is when an up-do is key. You don’t want to begin to sweat, because your hair is down. Get a classical up-do done and you will not have to worry about your hair for the rest of your special day or night!

Down: Wearing your hair down, is a way many brides today are beginning to wear their hair. This is more of a casual or even romantic look that you want for your wedding. Most women wear their hair down everyday, so wearing your hair down in your wedding ceremony may be more comforting. If you have gorgeous, long hair that you have been growing out for your wedding, take advantage of this and show off your locks during your wedding!

   Also don’t forget the importance of getting your hair done professionally. This can save you on the day of your wedding. By your wedding day you will already have talked to your hairstylist multiple times, done a practice, and you will know how talented your hairstylist is. This helps create a stress free wedding day, and also your hair will be exactly how you imagined it! These professionals have done many wedding hairstyles and therefore, they are able to use this expertise to make you look your best in pictures. Yes, you might be good at doing your own hair, but do you know how it looks at all angles pictures are going to be taken? This is where sticking to the professionals is important!!

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