Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Are You A Traditional Bride?

Not every bride will follow traditions when it comes to getting married but for those of you who want to or aren’t really sure what the traditions are I have taken the time to list them for you along with their meanings.

Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue, a silver sixpence inside your shoe

Old represents the guests in attendance that are already married.
New represents the newlyweds and the beginning of their new life together.
Borrowed signifies something that the bride must give back
Blue is associated with the bride's virginity and purity.
Silver is any type of silver coin that is tucked into one of the bride's shoes to represent wealth and prosperity.

White Wedding Dress

The wedding dress nowadays is usually believed to have to be white or ivory, as this symbolizes purity.

Bridal Bouquet

The type of flowers the bride clutches during the wedding ceremony signifies her emotions towards the marriage.  
The Veil and the Bridesmaids
The purpose of the bride wearing a veil dates back to when people believed evil spirits were around to try and ruin the wedding ceremony. The bride wore a veil to cover her face so evil spirits would not know she was the bride. Likewise, bridesmaids were made part of the ceremony to surround the bride, so evil spirits would be confused about who the actual bride was, and leave. Many couples today still honor these customs, but use the veil to hide the bride's face until it is first revealed to her groom. The bridesmaids are chosen to help the bride celebrate her happy day. This is also true for the ushers to celebrate with the groom.


Rings, because of its circular shape, symbolize eternity, endlessness… thus a never-ending marriage. 

Flower Girls

They spread petals down the aisle for the bride to walk on flowers.   The flowers the girls carry or strew about symbolize fertility and hope. 

Ring Bearer

The Ring Boy or Ring Bearer is a young boy who is special to the couple and is tasked to carry a pillow with the wedding rings on it during the procession. 

Throwing Rice

The act of attendants throwing rice at the new couple after their wedding ceremony signifies that they wish the couple happiness and prosperity.

Wedding Car

The wedding car is the first venue for a couple to be alone and have privacy after they leave the church or the reception. It is considered ill luck when the car won't start or breaks down. 

Throwing the Bouquet

Single ladies in attendance at the wedding reception are invited to come up and try to catch the bride's bouquet. This is a custom that represents which lady will be the next to be married.

 Catching the Garter

Garters are a fertility symbol and the person who catches it will be married next per tradition. 

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is cut together by the couple during the wedding reception.  Then the husband and wife exchange bites of the cake.  This is the first act the couple does together as husband and wife. The sweet wedding cake symbolizes caring and nurturance between the couple.  Wedding cakes are also usually white, to symbolize purity.  

Wedding Order of Events

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
Grand Entrance of Wedding Party
Cutting of Cake
Throwing of the Garter
Throwing the bouquet
Father Daughter Dance

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is given as a thanksgiving meal to the entourage who has come to practice the wedding march.  This is done very near to the wedding date.  The grooms family usual pays for the dinner.

So are you the traditional bride?

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